Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Issues with Omnibus

After 10 years of homeschooling, I now know what and how I would teach the boys if I could do it all over again. I believe that even with the hiccups and miscues along the way, our boys have still received a very good education; however, there is one program that could have been detrimental to their spiritual growth, and I'm very thankful that the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes before any damage was done (or at least that can be addressed before they leave home). Ironically, it's the same program that moved me to look at reformed Christianity, so in that respect, I'm grateful for that prompting. Even though, the good does not outweigh the bad; and therefore, I can no longer recommend the use of the Omnibus series by Veritas Press for any Christian homeschool. (I have previously recommended this program which is why I'm making this post.) 

My biggest complaint with the Omnibus program occurs in Volume IV: The Ancient World. As I look back I can see small issues with the previous three volumes, but like a frog in warming water, I didn't pay attention to them.  Contributors to this series include Doug Wilson and Peter Leithart.  Both men are considered to be conservative, reformed evangelical pastors; however, both men are part of the Federal Vision movement. 

Typically, the Federal Vision movement denies the bi-covenantal structure of the Westminster Standards, rejects the idea that Christ's merits are imputed to us, affirms that baptism effects a saving, covenantal union with Christ, affirms that this saving union occurs with all the baptized, denies that all who are saved will ultimately end up in heaven, and rejects justification by faith alone.  I do realize that some followers of the FV movement do not adhere to all of the tenets above (although affirming to any one would still make them heretical).  Peter Leithart was charged with heresy by the Presbyterian Church in America, but he was exonerated of all charges.  However, the chief prosecutor in the case has since converted to Roman Catholicism, so there may be reason to declare a mistrial.  The Federal Vision movement is considered heretical because it departs from established Christian beliefs, but Roman Catholicism is an apostate religion because of its view of Mary as Co-Redemtrix which rejects Jesus as the only way to God. 

Therefore, I contend that the Omnibus essays and teacher-suggested answers written by Wilson and Leithart reflect their heretical beliefs (in addition to other like-minded authors in the program).  In Volume IV, I specifically take issue with Leithart's essays titled "Proverbs" and "Philippians & Colossians" and with Wilson's essays titled "The Iliad" and "Apocrypha".  Many statements of fact were highly speculative, and their false doctrine was explicit.  In addition, the temporal and spiritual blessings in Christ were purposefully blurred, and at times, sounded like the Word of Faith Prosperity movement on TV. 

In Leithart's essay, "Philippians and Colossians", he implies that Adam thwarted God's original plan in the Garden of Eden (Omnibus IV, p. 377):  "God planned for him to grow up and put on a crown and a royal robe of glory.  But Adam acted just like a baby, grabbing the food he wasn't supposed to have, and so God put him out of the Garden."  This view is similar to Open Theism which states that God is not sovereign, his will can be thwarted, his knowledge is limited, and he is not always in control.  This view is not the Sovereign LORD of the King James Bible who created all things; God knew what was going to happen from the beginning, and His plan for redemption has never changed! 

Another note of concern is that the Omnibus series also includes pictures of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, which is a 2nd Commandment violation (see Exod. 20:4-6, Deut. 4:15-19, and Acts 17:29). 

Finally, the last straw for me was this statement made by Peter Leithart in his "Proverbs" essay (Omnibus IV, p.22):  "Like God, we are created to accomplish things by words."  No, saying the right words to accomplish a specific action is witchcraft, not Christianity. 

If you are a Bible-believing Christian, I do not recommend the use of the Omnibus program by Veritas Press because "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump," (Gal. 5:9).