Friday, July 12, 2013

The Narrow Path

This summer I decided to re-read Willem Teellinck's The Path of True Godliness (which has helped to balance out the Covenant Theology book that I'm slowly reading through).  Teellinck is often called the father of the Dutch Second Reformation, and he lived from 1579-1629.  From Joel Beeke's introduction:  "Teellinck believed that true spirituality is inseparable from an outward walk of life that flees all kinds of worldliness...He was motivated by a zealous desire for God's glory not by legalism."

This book promotes the Puritan ideal of sanctification in all areas of life; therefore, I wanted to share a paragraph on page 126 that I found encouraging this week:

"First, and above all, it is essential that the Christian, who now has a discriminating knowledge of the characteristics of both the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of grace, should have worked out in his mind what it means to be godly.  Above all, he should now fully comprehend what the true purpose of life should be in order to be able to live in a truly godly way.  He must order and regulate his entire life and conduct and make it his most important task to direct all his affairs in such a way that they never distract him from this goal.  Being careful not to pursue the wrong goal in life, he should seriously consider the direction of his life--where it is leading and what he needs to achieve--for the human tendency is to strive most for the things we desire most.  If we want to become rich and powerful in this world, then all our efforts will be directed toward that end.  If we have some other aspirations in life, we will equally strive to attain that one.  It is therefore very essential that we direct ourselves to attain the right goal in life, which is to practice true godliness and to live a godly life.  Otherwise we are like archers without a definite target, aimlessly shooting arrows into the air."

It has taken a long time in my Christian walk, but I'm finally aiming toward the right target.