Monday, August 26, 2013

Puritan Imagery

One of the many reasons that I like to read the Puritan writers is their ability to create vivid word pictures.  Jeremiah Burroughs is no exception; he is a master at this literary device and uses it quite often.  Here are just two examples from his books that I've recently read:

From The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, Chapter 5 'How Christ Teaches Contentment' (p.91):
"Many men think that when they are troubled and have not got contentment it is because they have but little in the world, and that if they had more then they should be content.  This is just as if a man were hungry, and to satisfy his craving stomach he should gape and hold open his mouth to take in the wind, and then should think that the reason why he is not satisfied is because he has not got enough of the wind; no, the reason is because the thing is not suitable to a craving stomach."

From Gospel Worship, Sermon XII 'What Is Required in Receiving the Sacrament?' (p.242):
"If you saw the knife that cut the throat of your dearest child, would not your heart rise against that knife?  Suppose you came to a table and there is a knife laid at your plate, and it was told to you that this is the knife that cut the throat of your child.  Fathers, if you could still use that knife like any other knife, would not someone say, "There was but little love to your child?"  So when a temptation comes to commit any sin, this is the knife that cut the throat of Christ, that pierced His sides, that was the cause of all His suffering, that made Christ to be a curse.  Now will you not look upon that as a cursed thing that made Christ to be a curse?  Oh, with what detestation would a man or woman fling away such a knife!  And with the like detestation it is required that you should renounce sin, for that was the cause of the death of Christ."

If you're not already doing so, I would encourage you to read at least one of the Puritan authors on a regular basis.