Monday, October 14, 2013

Considering Credobaptism

Here are my notes from the sermon titled "A Reformed Baptist Perspective on Infant Baptism" by Jim Savastio of Reformed Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, preached on March 21, 2004.

The fourfold cord in articulating credobaptism (or believer's baptism):
  1. It is a clear commandment of Jesus to baptize disciples.  In the Regulative Principle of Worship, we offer to God only what He commands in His word, and unless something is explicitly commanded, we don't offer it to God in worship.  There is no clear command to baptize infants.
  2. The biblical teaching of the significance of baptism is that baptism means your sins are taken away, you walk in the newness of life, and you are in Christ.  It is a symbol of regeneration.
  3. The actual record of biblical baptism does not show infant baptism.  Verses which indicate household baptism show the hearing, receiving, and believing as a work of the Holy Spirit.
  4. The issue of the New Covenant in Jer. 31:31 which shows that the New Covenant is not like the old because it is now in their minds and written in their hearts.
The Abrahamic covenant was made with Abraham and his seed.  It was not based on the parents, but on the lineage to Abraham.  Rom. 4:6 expresses promise and faith.  Rom. 9:8 shows that the children of God are not the children of flesh.  Gal. 3:8 and John 1:13 show that belief is the will of man. In Col. 2:11 circumcision is used symbolically.  Given the opportunity that Paul has in Acts 15, he does not tie circumcision to baptism.

**Be a convinced baptist.  Have a zeal for the glory of God & his church.  The doctrine of paedobaptism is not innocent; it is sin because the law of God says to baptize disciples and not infants.  It also allows unregenerate people by right into the NT church which violates the New Covenant.  It is potentially damning to the children.  How do you examine yourself when you don't know whether or not you've been baptized?

Remember to speak the truth in love.