Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Bible Reading Plan Option

Although I desire to read the Bible for an hour each day (preferably in one sitting) as outlined here, it may not be something that  I can consistently do as I continue to homeschool our 3 boys and manage our home.  Therefore, I thought I would also schedule a plan to read at least half an hour each day so that at a minimum, I can read through the Bible in 19 weeks*, and if I stay with my original plan, I'll get it done in about half that time.  My guess is that I'll end up somewhere in between...

Here's the 19-week Block Time Bible Reading Plan:

Week 1
Week 2
Exodus and Leviticus
Week 3
Numbers and Deuteronomy
Week 4
Joshua and Judges
Week 5
Ruth through 2 Samuel
Week 6
1 and 2 Kings
Week 7
1 Chronicles through Ezra
Week 8
Nehemiah through Job
Week 9
Week 10
Proverbs through Song of Solomon
Week 11
Week 12
Jeremiah and Lamentations
Week 13
Ezekiel and Daniel
Week 14
Hosea through Malachi
Week 15
Matthew and Mark
Week 16
Luke and John
Week 17
Acts through 1 Corinthians
Week 18
2 Corinthians through 2 Timothy
Week 19    
Titus through Revelation

*Even though I'm reading half of the time, it will not take twice as long because I can group more books into 3.5-hour segments than I can into 7-hour segments.