Friday, December 6, 2013


I'm participating in a free audit of the Baptist Covenant Theology course at the Founders Study Center.  In Session 4, Dr. Fred Malone lectures on the Hermeneutics of Baptist Covenant Theology.  He gives a brief overview of the general principles of biblical hermeneutics (the methodology of interpretation):
  1. Inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible
  2. Literal & historical-grammatical methods of understanding Scripture
  3. Scripture (not tradition) interprets Scripture
  4. Perspicuity of Scripture
  5. Unity of Scripture
  6. Diversity of Scripture (progressive revelation)
  7. Finality and clarity of the New Testament
  8. Priority of the New Testament interpreting the Old Testament
  9. Typology in the Old Testament fulfilled by Jesus Christ in the New Testament
  10. Hermeneutical priorities:
    • The nearer context is more determinative than distant context
    • Explicit teaching is more significant than implied teaching
    • Literal passages are more determinative than symbolical passages
    • Later passages reflect a fuller revelation than earlier passages