Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spurgeon on New Revelation

I purchased the 5-book set of Spurgeon's Sermons (Vol. I-X) and started reading through the first book which includes Volumes I & II.  I was reading through the 4th sermon of Volume I titled 'The Comforter' and found the following quote very helpful.  Sparks are still smoldering from John MacArthur's Strange Fire Conference in October 2013, which critiqued the modern charismatic movement.  Typically, one of the beliefs of this movement is that the gift of prophecy is still active in today's church; and therefore, the Holy Spirit continues to reveal new insights or prophecies to individual Christians.  However, the reformed view is that the Canon of Scripture is closed; and therefore, the Holy Spirit does not continues to make new revelations to Christians today.  It appears that the Prince of Preachers agrees with the reformed perspective:
"I [Charles Spurgeon] have heard many fanatical persons say the Holy Spirit revealed this and that to them.  Now, that is very generally revealed nonsense.  The Holy Ghost does not reveal anything fresh now.  He brings old things to our remembrance.  "He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have told you."  The canon of revelation is closed, there is no more to be added; God does not give a fresh revelation, but he rivets the old one.  When it has been forgotten, and laid in the dusty chamber of our memory, he fetches it out and cleans the picture, but does not paint a new one.  There are no new doctrines, but the old ones are often revived.  It is not, I say, by any new revelation that the Spirit comforts.  He does so by telling us old things over again; he brings a fresh lamp to manifest the treasure hidden in Scripture; he unlocks the strong chest in which the truth has long lain, and he points to secret chambers filled with untold riches; but he coins no more, for enough is done.  Believer! there is enough in the Bible for thee to live upon forever."
"But the Comforter, which is called the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever I have said unto you," (John 14:26).