Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Review: Gospel Assurance and Warnings

Gospel Assurance and Warnings by Paul Washer is the third book in the Recovering the Gospel series.  Driven by his stewardship to spread the Gospel, Mr. Washer states that he wrote this book to combat the watered-down Gospel prevalent in today's evangelical world.  He gives a clear Gospel presentation and identifies the errors propounded by preachers that produce false converts.

Mr. Washer is very well-versed in biblical doctrine and profusely cites Scripture to support his statements.  His writing style is easy to read, and he correctly looks to the Bible as his main source.  I found his work refreshingly sound and applicable to the Christian life.  The author rightly points out that "the Scriptures call upon us to test ourselves to determine whether we are truly Christian."  In order to help the Christians examine themselves, Mr. Washer expounds the book of 1 John which was written so that "those who believe in Jesus Christ might possess a great assurance that they have eternal life."

Mr. Washer boldly proclaims that "assurance of salvation is not merely based upon what a person says or feels but upon the practical evidence of a changed and changing life."  He also provokes the Christian with the truth of God's word:  "As it is impossible for the unconverted to live a life that is pleasing unto God, it is equally impossible for a Christian to live a life of unbroken rebellion and fruitlessness before God."  The Christian who has "found a way to hold onto enough of the world to satisfy their flesh and to embrace enough Christianity to soothe their conscience" needs to read this book.

I highly, highly recommend this book and encourage all who profess faith in Jesus Christ to read it.  Paul Washer justifiably notes that in 1 John, "John's boldness is a bit overwhelming to the modern ear that has grown accustomed to smoother speech."  But even so, we are further admonished by the Apostle:  "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches," (Rev. 3:22).  This book will help all Christians rightly divide God's word to test whether or not they are of the Christian faith.

Full Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.