Saturday, February 7, 2015

Of Walking With God - Chapter 5

I'm continuing my look at Jeremiah Burroughs' "Of Walking With God" found in his book Earthly-Mindedness.  Please see my introduction and Chapters 1-2 summary here, Chapter 3 summary here, and Chapter 4 summary here.

In Chapter 5 Mr. Burroughs describes twelve excellencies of walking with God:
  1. It makes the ways of God easy.
  2. It it most honorable.
  3. It gives blessed satisfaction to the soul.  The hearts of saints who walk with God must be filled with the influences from God that make their hearts glow within them while they are walking with Him.
  4. It is a special part of the covenant that God makes with us.
  5. It gives a blessed safety in walking with God.  He that walks uprightly, walks surely; the ways of wickedness may seem to be pleasant and comfortable, but certainly he is on a snare and may be caught and undone forever.
  6. It gives the soul enjoyment of sweet familiarity with God.
  7. It communicates God's secrets.
  8. It finds favor in God's eyes.
  9. It puts glory and beauty upon the soul.
  10. It mightily draws forth every grace of God's presence.
  11. It means that the presence of God shall never be terrible to the soul, neither at death nor judgment.
  12. It will be blessedness in the end.  The communion we have with God here is a forerunner of the glorious communion we will have with Him together with the saint and angels to all eternity.
Jeremiah Burroughs succinctly sums up this chapter: "The devil deceives you and your hearts, and the world deceives you, if it promises any good thing in any other way that this.  Oh no, walking with God is the good of a Christian."

In my next post I will look at the five uses of exhortation in walking with God from Chapter 6.

"And Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him," (Gen. 5:24).