Saturday, February 28, 2015

Of Walking With God - Chapter 9

I'm concluding my look at Jeremiah Burroughs' "Of Walking With God" found in his book Earthly-Mindedness.  Please see my introduction and Chapters 1-2 summary here, Chapter 3 summary here, Chapter 4 summary here, Chapter 5 summary here, Chapter 6 summary here, Chapter 7 summary here, and Chapter 8 summary here.

In Chapter 9 Mr. Burroughs answers the Christian's objection that he cannot walk with God because God has withdrawn Himself:
  1. It is a good sign that you know what it means to walk with God because you are sensitive to God's withdrawal from you.
  2. Examine whether you have not shut out God from you.
  3. If God withdraws from you it is your affliction, but if you withdraw from God it is your sin.  It is better to bear any affliction, even spiritual affliction, than to commit sin.
  4. God's withdrawing of His comfort is not always the withdrawing of His presence.  Even though He seems to be gone, God may be present to uphold and strengthen you.
  5. If you cannot see God's face, hearken to hear His voice and follow that.
  6. Keep yourself in a waiting frame for God.  Do not determine that because the Lord is gone He will be gone forever.
Mr. Burroughs concludes this treatise by encouraging the Christian to "know that God calls for the work of faith in such times as these are.  Now God calls you to walk by faith and not by sense."

This completes my summary look 'Of Walking With God' by Jeremiah Burroughs.  I pray that it has been as helpful to you as it was for me.

"And Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him," (Gen. 5:24).