Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Book Review: Passing Through

In his book Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness, Jeremy Walker shows us that "[w]ith the Word of God as our map and the Spirit of Christ as our compass, we are equipped to navigate this world, to make our way in the world so as to bring honor and glory to God," (Kindle location 360).

The author reminds Christians that they are pilgrims in this world who need to know their enemy in order to fight the battles and pursue their mission while at the same time respecting authorities.  In Chapter 3 "Understanding the Environment", Mr. Walker stresses that the "world is not our home and cannot be our friend if we are to be faithful to God," (Kindle location 955).  As we continue to see legal rulings in the United States that disregard the Bible and its teachings, Mr. Walker warns that "[w]e must stop denying that the world hates us, and we must stop playing here as it were a safe place.  The world hates Christlike Christians," (Kindle location 1002).  Mr. Walker has correctly assessed the lack of biblical discernment some Christians have in today's world.  He presents an important message for all Christians as we struggle to balance our spiritual identity with earthly duties.  That message comes through as he details the biblical mindset of being in and not of the world.

However, on the whole, I did not enjoy reading this book.  Even though the ideas are doctrinally sound, and the author includes many biblical references to support his arguments, it was difficult to wade through.  Most chapters start with a scriptural framework, followed by summary thoughts, and end with specific counsels.  Psychologically, I was ready for each chapter to end when I read the words 'summary thoughts'.  But that was not the case; there were usually many pages left, which made the content of each chapter seem repetitive.  I'm an avid reader, and I don't shy away from long books; but I had to force myself to finish Passing Through.  The last two chapters were much better as far as presenting the information in a succinct manner, but at that point, I was just ready to finish the book; and therefore, I probably did not take away with as much as I could have from the information presented.

I think that the information contained in Passing Through is good, so I would recommend it for all Christians with the caveat that it's not a book read through in one sitting (or even a week).  I would recommend reading it one chapter at a time, with no goal for an ending date to complete the book.

Full Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

NB: Jeremy Walker was interviewed on The Shaun Tabatt Show here.