Monday, July 11, 2016

The Saints' Walk by Faith - Chapters 25 to 28

I'm reading Faith by Jeremiah Burroughs and decided to blog the hidden treasures within this book. It is one book that contains two of Burroughs' treatises: (1) Precious Faith and (2) The Saints' Walk by Faith on Earth and by Sight in Heaven.  Both treatises were first published in 1654. In 2011, they were edited by Dr. Don Kistler and reprinted into one book by Northampton Press.  In his second treatise on The Saints' Walk by Faith, Mr. Burroughs expounds 2 Cor. 5:7.  You can see my summary for Chapters 1 to 4 here, Chapters 5 to 10 here, Chapters 11 to 13 here, Chapters 14 to 16 here, Chapters 17 to 19 here, Chapters 20 to 21 here, and Chapters 22 to 24 here.

In Chapter 25 Mr. Burroughs gives encouragement to a saint when God lets the devil out upon him.
  1. "At such a time when you were not apprehensive or sensible of Satan, then you did not have those horrid temptations that now you have, yet he had more power over you then than now.  And therefore you have no cause to be discouraged in this," (p. 249).
  2. "God has very good ends why He exercises His dearest servants even with such a heavy affliction as this is, the strong temptations of Satan," (p. 249).
  3. "Further, know that Christ Himself was tempted," (p. 249).
  4. "Yet further, we find that Christ prays for His people that they may not be overcome with temptations.  You must walk by faith in the time of temptations, that is, not only act your faith upon Christ's temptations, to take out the sting and venom of it, but act your faith upon Christ's prayer," (p. 251).
  5. "Besides, know for the help of your faith in time of temptation that Christ has broken the serpent's head already," (p. 252).
  6. "Then likewise know that there are many excellent and sweet promises that we have in Scripture that temptations shall not prevail.  And the way to help against that is to turn to those Scriptures and to work your faith upon them," (p. 253).
  7. "If you think to overcome temptations by reasoning, the devil will be too hard for you," (p. 254).
  8. "[L]et me tell you by way of encouragement for the acting of your faith in the time of temptation that it is not such a heavy condition for the Lord to let the devil out upon one in the strongest and most terrible temptation as for the devil to have power to draw any to sin...To be given up therefore to the power of any one sin is a heavier judgment than to be given up to the strongest temptation of the devil," (p. 254).
  9. "Further, for the help of your faith, even in the time of the stirrings of corruption, take that Scripture in Romans 5:6, where the Lord is said to be merciful even to the ungodly in a way of justification," (p. 255).

In Chapter 26 he shows that saints must walk by faith in times of affliction.
  1. "The first and principal help of faith in affliction, whereby a saint is able to walk, is by looking upon God," (p. 257).
  2. "There is a wisdom of God in afflictions...The Lord considers what affliction is, and He measures out afflictions suitable unto the conditions of the servants who are in affliction," (p. 258).
  3. "Then also the soul looks upon God's faithfulness in afflictions," (p. 259).
  4. "The soul looks upon God's tenderness in the time of affliction," (p. 259).
  5. "Again, the soul looks upon God's protection in afflictions and so exercises faith," (p. 259).
  6. "Further, faith takes hold of the strength of God in afflictions and so comes to have strength to bear afflictions beyond all natural strength," (p. 259).
  7. "[F]aith looks upon God as making it the greatest thing that He delights and glories in, namely to help His servants in time of affliction," (p. 260).

In Chapter 27 Mr. Burroughs outlines more ways that faith helps the soul in times of afflictions.
  1. "Faith takes away the guilt of sin, and so makes the affliction easy to be borne.  It takes away the guiltiness, and so it comes to purify the heart; guiltiness makes affections very heavy and sad...We can easily rejoice in tribulations if we are justified by faith and so have peace with God.  It is the guilt of sin that is the sting in afflictions," (p. 261).
  2. "Afflictions that were evil before come to be turned into good," (p. 262).
  3. "Again, faith enables the soul to look upon the issue of afflictions as present, and to conclude deliverance out of afflictions; though they are not actual, yet faith makes them as if they were actual and real," (p. 262).
  4. "Faith helps in afflictions by resting upon the Word," (p. 262).
  5. "Besides, in afflictions faith exercises thus.  It makes up all in God," (p. 263).

In Chapter 28 he exhorts Christians to exercise their faith in the evil day.  "We are kept by the power of God, but through faith.  It's not enough for you to say that there is an infinite and glorious God who has all power and excellence in Him, for there is none of this power that will be let out to you but through faith; it must be through an act of faith," (p. 265).

This concludes my look at two of Jeremiah Burroughs' treatises found in his book Faith.  This book has been helpful in not only increasing my faith, but also encouraging others to do the same.

"And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren," (Luke 22:31-32).