Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Mind of Christ

I recently read through William Greenhill's The Sound-Hearted Christian (with five additional sermons) which was reprinted in 2010 by Soli Deo Gloria Publications (ISBN 978-1-60178-099-7).  In this post I'll be looking at his second sermon titled "Christians Ought to Be of Christ's Mind."

Mr. Greenhill starts off with the doctrine that churches and Christians should be of the same mind that the Lord Jesus Christ is of and notes that it is the duty of any church or person to aim at having the mind of Christ; the same in kind, but not degree.

Next, he answers the question in general, What is the mind of Christ?
  1. "Christ's mind was a public mind, not a private, domestic selfish mind.  He did not seek Himself, but He sought the good of others."
  2. "The Lord had a pure mind."
  3. "The Lord Christ's mind was a willing mind, and ready to do good."
  4. "The Lord Christ's mind was a yielding, humble, and condescending mind."
  5. "The mind of the Lord was a single mind."
  6. "The Lord Christ's mind was a fixed and settled mind."
  7. "Christ's mind was a heavenly mind."
  8. "The Lord Christ's mind was a zealous mind, a fervent mind."
  9. "The Lord Christ had a peaceable and a quiet mind."
  10. "The mind of the Lord Jesus Christ was a submissive mind, submissive to His Father's will."
  11. "The Lord Christ had a compassionate mind.  He was full of bowels of compassion, and was very tender-hearted."
  12. "The Lord Christ had a loving mind, a mind full of love, a forgiving mind.  He had such love as He could cover and forgive sins."
Then, Mr. Greenhill reduces his answer to these four particulars:
  1. "To have the mind of Christ is to have the same thoughts in you that Christ had.  Christ had no ill thoughts in him, but rebuked ill thoughts."
  2. "To have the same mind that Christ had is to be carried forth with the same will and affections towards God and man as Christ was."
  3. "To have the same mind that Christ had is to live the same life that Christ did.  Where there is the same mind, there will be the same motions and the same operations."
  4. "To have the same mind that Christ had is to be carried out to the same end that He did, and His end was to do good to others and to glorify God."
The author exhorts his reader:  "We are to live soberly in regard of ourselves, righteously in regard of men, godly in regard of God," (p. 135).

Finally, he shows us the reasons why we should have the same mind that Christ had:
  1. "We should have the same mind because we are Christians, we have Christ's name."
  2. "True churches and true Christians are members of Christ."
  3. "We should be of the same mind as Christ, because the Lord Christ became like us; and therefore we should be like Him."
  4. "We should be of the same mind as Jesus Christ because if we are not of His mind, we shall be of an evil mind."
  5. "We should be of the same mind that  Christ is because this is a way to keep us from falling into errors, corrupting opinions, damnable heresies, and the like."
  6. "We should be of Christ's mind because it is the way to union, to meeken and sweeten spirits, to make harmony between all, and to much unity."
  7. "We should all be of Christ's mind so that we may do our Christian work wisely and understandingly.
  8. "We should be of the same mind that Christ is because, if we are true Christians, we have the same spirit that Christ had."

"Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus," (Phil. 2:5).