Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Applying the Mind of Christ

I recently read through William Greenhill's The Sound-Hearted Christian (with five additional sermons) which was reprinted in 2010 by Soli Deo Gloria Publications (ISBN 978-1-60178-099-7).  In a previous post I looked at his second sermon and noted why Christians should have the mind of Christ.  In this post, I'll look at the application from the author's sermon "Christians Ought to Be of Christ's Mind."

Mr. Greenhill starts off with the doctrine that churches and Christians should be of the same mind that the Lord Jesus Christ is of and notes that it is the duty of any church or person to aim at having the mind of Christ; the same in kind, but not degree.  He defines what it is to have the mind of Christ, tells us why we should have it, and applies the doctrine to the Christian.

  1. Use of Reproof: "This [doctrine] reproves those who are so far from being of Christ's mind that they seldom or never mind Christ; they mind earthly things," (p. 142).
  2. Use of humiliation: "This [doctrine] may be [a] matter of humiliation to us all, that we are no more like Christ, that we do not have the same thoughts of God, of truth, of sin, of the world, that He had," (p. 144).
  3. Use of Examination: If you are of Christ's mind, then you will love what Christ loved and hate what he hated, judge things as Christ judged them, love the truth, and act as Christ acted, (pp. 144-147).
  4. Use of Exhortation: "If we do not have the mind of Christ we are not true Christians; and if we die, we shall perish and be undone forever," (p. 148).
Under examination, Mr. Greenhill helps the reader: "But here's the way to know whether or not we have the mind of Christ: If we do we will love righteousness and hate iniquity, we will hate evil thoughts, lusts, all fraud and cheating, and overreaching one another," (p. 145).

He asks, "How shall we get the mind of Christ?"  First, we lay down our own minds and wills and give ourself up to be a disciple of Christ by searching the Scriptures and studying the Gospel, (pp. 148-149).  To get more of the mind of Christ in us, we should (1) be less conformed to the world and more transformed by the renew of our mind, (2) love the Lord Jesus Christ more and more daily, and (3) pray more for the Spirit of Christ, (pp. 151-152).

"Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus," (Phil. 2:5).